Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Nice....

I was choose by Sarah for this awesome award. If you haven't read her blog you should head right on over and do that - she is an amazing Army Wife and raising her daughter in Germany right now. She also has TWO other blogs - a cooking one and a weight loose one. She is an awesome person and I'm glad that I get to call her my friend!! Thanks Sarah for the award!!

This award requires you to list 7 interesting things about yourself and tag 7 other bloggers!

1. I am highly allergic to many, many things - including food. I have been allergy tested for airborne allergies but not food. I think I might have to get on that sometime this year - it seems they are only getting worse!

2. I have a dog named Bailey who will be 10 this year and a cat named Tux who will be 2. I am going to have to find Tux a new home sooner then later because the boyfriend is very allergic to him (the only allergy he has). IF you know of a good home, let me know :)

3. I'm lucky enough to have a "second" family. This family was there for me growing up and they are still there for me today. They have seen me trip, stumble and fall flat on my fact - but they were always there to help me get up. I love them more they will ever know!

4. I am also lucky enough to have some of the greatest friend around. I'm not sure I would have been able to survive everything if I did not have them.

5. I have two tattoos. One is on my lower right hand side of my back and is a Celtic Cross with the Irish flag colors. The other is on my back between my shoulder blades and is a Celtic triangle with shamrocks in an awesome green color.

6. I was a Nanny for many, many years for many different families. I think that if I could some how get health insurance out of the deal then I would go back in a heart beat - those kids were my life and I loved (I still do) more then anything!

7. I have 3 older half brothers. One was in my life for awhile but he got into a lot of trouble and I have not been in contact with him since. The other 2 were not in my life until I was in high school but I'm so very happy I have them now - they are amazing big brothers and I wouldn't trade them for the world!!

Now the lucky 7 people I give this award to are:

* Clare

* Tina

* Angel

* Libbie

* Jen M.

* Jenny

* Jennifer H.

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  1. Thanks for sharing some more interesting things about you that I didn't know.

    Oh how I love tattoos.