Friday, January 29, 2010

Army - 19d!

Cavalry Scout: Army 19d!

I had no idea what this was until a few months ago - I have been saying for awhile there is something that I have been wanting to share but just have not done so up to now but it's time.

The boyfriend decided that he was going to join the Army. I am so very prod of him. I think it's amazing that he has decided to dedicate his life to serve and protect his country.

My family is so proud of him - my dad and oldest brother were in the Army. My other older brother is in the Air Force Reserves. His family has a long military history as well.

This is something he has always wanted, this is the time that it was supposed to happen. Everything is falling into place.

Right now he is in Galveston visiting his dad before he ships out to boot camp. It's almost like training for me - to know what it's going to be like when he's gone. It's different. It's hard. At least right now he can text me or call - when he's gone that isn't going to happen or it's going to be very little. So very hard!

He's going for 16 weeks. 8 weeks of boot camp. 8 weeks of tech training. 16 very long weeks. After that there is a graduation - everyone will be going, including me of course. I know it's selfish but I don't want everyone else there - just me BUT I this isn't about me. This is about him and how he is going to be a Solider.

I'm not sure what will come after those 16 weeks, where he will be stationed. What the future is going to hold for both of us. We have talked a lot about the future. But for right now, we are taking it one step at a time. So.Very.Hard!

I love him, I will support him, I will do anything to help him make this possible. This is his dream.

I will update as I know more, how I'm feeling. It's going to be hard. I'm sure there will be lots of tears at first even long after at first happens. I know it's going to be hard. Why can't it just be easy? I will need support. I will look for support where I can find it. I know it's there. I have amazing friends both in real life and in my blogging life. Still, will it ever get easy to say goodbye, not matter where he will be going, no matter how long he will be gone? I am thinking that's a!

Thanks for listening. Thanks for understanding. Thanks for being my friend. Thanks for letting me turn to you when I'm going to need it.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Nice....

I was choose by Sarah for this awesome award. If you haven't read her blog you should head right on over and do that - she is an amazing Army Wife and raising her daughter in Germany right now. She also has TWO other blogs - a cooking one and a weight loose one. She is an awesome person and I'm glad that I get to call her my friend!! Thanks Sarah for the award!!

This award requires you to list 7 interesting things about yourself and tag 7 other bloggers!

1. I am highly allergic to many, many things - including food. I have been allergy tested for airborne allergies but not food. I think I might have to get on that sometime this year - it seems they are only getting worse!

2. I have a dog named Bailey who will be 10 this year and a cat named Tux who will be 2. I am going to have to find Tux a new home sooner then later because the boyfriend is very allergic to him (the only allergy he has). IF you know of a good home, let me know :)

3. I'm lucky enough to have a "second" family. This family was there for me growing up and they are still there for me today. They have seen me trip, stumble and fall flat on my fact - but they were always there to help me get up. I love them more they will ever know!

4. I am also lucky enough to have some of the greatest friend around. I'm not sure I would have been able to survive everything if I did not have them.

5. I have two tattoos. One is on my lower right hand side of my back and is a Celtic Cross with the Irish flag colors. The other is on my back between my shoulder blades and is a Celtic triangle with shamrocks in an awesome green color.

6. I was a Nanny for many, many years for many different families. I think that if I could some how get health insurance out of the deal then I would go back in a heart beat - those kids were my life and I loved (I still do) more then anything!

7. I have 3 older half brothers. One was in my life for awhile but he got into a lot of trouble and I have not been in contact with him since. The other 2 were not in my life until I was in high school but I'm so very happy I have them now - they are amazing big brothers and I wouldn't trade them for the world!!

Now the lucky 7 people I give this award to are:

* Clare

* Tina

* Angel

* Libbie

* Jen M.

* Jenny

* Jennifer H.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Resolution 2010

Since I'm all kinds of delayed on doing post I figured that it's my style to do a New Year's Resolution post a little late - but I figure late is better then never, right?! Anyway, to make this a little more exciting I'm adding pictures, all of which I have found off the internet! I swear, some day, I will get back into the swing of things and post real things, about me - with my own pictures but for now - this is what you're getting!

1. Get Organized/De-clutter!

This of course is not my house but something that I would LOVE to have and look like but that's just wishful thinking where I'm living right now. I'm starting in the kitchen and moving from room to room - taking out everything, cleaning the area - and either throwing everything away or donating the things that are able to be donated. I plan to get rid of a LOT and that makes me feel good - this project is going to start in about a month - I will keep you posted!

2. The always fun one - Loose some weight. I used to be very over weight and didn't realize it until I saw some pictures - I went to Weight Watchers and lost about 50 pounds. I stopped going before I reached my ultimate goal. I have put on about 10 of those pounds back on so I have gone back to Weight Watchers and have lost 1.3 lbs in about a week. Not bad, not bad! I'm sure I'm going to blog about this as I slowly loose the weight!

* There are other things that go along with this resolution but I will, some day soon, address that in another post*

I know that's only two things for the whole year but I feel that they are BIG (well for me they are). I'm sure as the year goes on I will think of other things I want to change and when/if I do I will make sure to keep you informed on those. I hope everyone is having a great 2010 and until next time - stay safe!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Miss Me??!!

Hello blogger land - I'm not sure if you've missed me but I have sure missed you, tons and tons!! It's been busy around here for me but I figured the least I could was check in and say HI (and maybe a quick recap of the past, oh, two months or so)!!

The holidays were awesome - I will start with Thanksgiving (since it's been THAT long and all)!

We left for Thanksgiving on Wednesday and drove to Katy (right outside Houston) to see the BF's long time family friends - we stayed there, hung out and relaxed Wednesday. Thursday we drove down the road to meet up with his dad and step-mom and their friends place and to have Thanksgiving dinner - it was nice to meet new people and to be welcomed by so many that did not know us. After that we went back to the other house, hung out, had dessert and went to bed. The next day we hung out a little more and then got on the road to go to Galveston, where his dad lives. When we got there we took a tour of his awesome beach house, hung out, then went out to eat. Over the next couple days we went downtown for the Art Walk - where all the stores stay open late, serve food and drinks and play music. It was pretty neat - the BF wasn't as impressed as I was. Another day we went to a Aircraft museum but there was only one hanger open, unfortunately when Hurricane Ike hit it destroyed 99% of the item int he museum but they are working on getting it back into shape.

After we got back it was back to work - we have been pretty busy at work now that the HOT weather had finally cooled down (as of today - I'm FREEZING but that's a whole different post) so that has kept me away from the blog and since December is a short working month for me I had a lot to do before the Christmas holidays.

For Christmas my boss is pretty awesome, I came in on the 21st to do payroll, bonus, and the last of the bills paid for the month and then at 5 o'clock, on the dot, I was out of here for almost 2 weeks of vacation. On the 22nd (Tuesday) the BF and I got in my car and DROVE 13 hours to Kansas to visit my family for the holidays. It's a good thing we left that day because over the next 3 days it snowed, snowed, and snowed.... If I remember right we got about 10 inches but the wind was so bad it was making HUGE snow drifts!! We ended up calling of Christmas dinner at my Uncles house due to the wind, ice and snow - no one needed to be out in that stuff let alone driving from all over the state (and Missouri). So, we stayed in had enchiladas and relaxed for a couple of days. On Saturday it cleared up enough for us to head over to Kansas City to see Clare, JR, Fiona and Clare's family (they are my second - sometimes first family) and celebrate Christmas with them. We were lucky to get some awesome cooking from Nancy and some time to chat. Soon after dinner it was time to go and put Fiona in bed. After that JR, Clare, Alan (the BF) and I played the Wii and then Cranium (Clare and I kicked butt on that one). It was a lot of fun and I hate that I do not live closer to them!! I miss them so much and I hate that I don't get to see that wonderful baby girl grow up - she has my heart that is for sure!!

Sunday we went back to Topeka, went to dinner with my dad and then just hung out again at home. Monday my brother was able to come down to celebrate Christmas with us, finally! We had fun playing the Wii, hanging out, and drinking a little. It was a fun time had by all. The next day (Tuesday) we needed to hit the road and head back to Texas, another fun 13 hours in the car. Thankfully I'm getting better at letting other people drive and Alan took the wheel. I finally feel asleep in Oklahoma and got a good 1 1/2 hour nap in :)!! The drive went well until we hit Texas, as soon as we hit the state line the weather turned to junk (we knew it was bad, I had been keeping an eye on the weather the whole day) - we sat in about 20 miles of traffic and SNOW in Ft. Worth and then rain the whole way BACK to San Antonio. Once we got home we let everyone know we were home and then went to bed.

The next couple of days were uneventful - on New Year's Eve I went to a baby shower and then back home but that night I was NOT feeling well, ended up getting sick, taking NyQuil and going to bed at 8:30 - not the most fun way to bring in the new year but I guess uneventful is better then nothing. After that it was another relaxing weekend at home and then back to work on Monday.

Monday was not fun - two weeks of catching up on work was crazy and made me soooo tired but things are now caught up and back to normal around here and for that I'm happy!! There are some big changes happening this year and I can't wait to tell everyone about them - also as soon as I upload the pictures from the holidays I will most sure I post them. If you made it through this long, long post thanks! I hope your holidays were great!!