Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recap of everything!

So, I know that I said I would be back more often but I forgot how much 10 little 2 year olds will wear you out during the day!! MAN do they stay busy at all times!! Even during nap time I'm busy with eating lunch, getting ready for the next day, or finishing up the craft that we did in the morning!! On top of those crazy kids running at all times we have some crazy sickness going around as well in the younger rooms!! In the infants rooms (older and younger) we have Fifth Disease, Chickenpox, Hand-Mouth-& Foot Disease. Then on top of that in our room we have some funky stomach thing going around - the kids come to school fine and usually by lunch or after nap they have a fever and we have to send them home. MOST (but not all) of the parents in our class are awesome and do what is best for their kids and the kids in the classroom (as well as us teachers) and they will keep us updated as the day goes on. Well, most of these kids will go home and that night get sick to their stomach and run a super high fever, then the next morning when they get up they are good to go - happy go lucky, no fever and no stomach thing any longer. We have NO idea what it is - well, my co-teacher and I have both managed to get this wonderful bug - she had it a LOT worse then I did, so I'm lucky in that way! Other than that it's been a wonderful time so far. I love all the kids (even then ones that drive me nuts) and the other teachers are amazing - I couldn't have been any luckier to have found this job!

Easter was great - I went to Dallas with my friends mom and her little sister. We meet up with my friend, Jacki at her house and hung out there. It was nice to get away for a little while and spend a holiday with a family I love. We went to Church on Easter Sunday and then we had a wonderful steak brunch that afternoon. Let me tell you - when you give up meat for 40 days/nights your first taste of meat that day is the best thing you've ever had! This is my second year to give up meat and it wasn't as hard this year as last year but that last day always seems to be the worst!! I did manage to overdue it and give myself a tummy ache but I got over and I have put meat back into my diet and not a moment to soon!! :)

In other events - Alan told me that he wrote my dad and asked his permission to MARRY ME!!! Of course my dad told him that he had his blessing and I'm so super stoked and excited!! Nothing is set in stone as of right now and I don't have a ring (ya know that whole he is in Kentucky thing) but that fact it's there and it's going to happen has put a permanent smile on my face for sure!! I DO get to go and seem him next weekend if everything stays on track and nothing changes on his end! I'm so super excited to see him - I feel like it's been forever not 8 weeks - but we are half done and hopefully with this new job and so much coming up it will fly by!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend and I will be back!! :)

Love, KJ