Monday, March 21, 2011


Hello out there!! I'm sure you've noticed (or maybe you haven't) but I've been a little MIA for awhile. Lots of things have happened or getting ready to happen and I just haven't found that time to get around to some things. I really am going to be back to blogging. Hopefully at least once a week - I'm shooting for more though!!

I'm not 100% where I have left off so, I'm going to just start off from Alan getting back from Basic and how things have gone from there. When he got home to Texas we decided to go ahead and get married at the Court House due to the Army needing paper work fast so we could start getting BAH and he could live off post. So, on June 15, 2010 we went downtown and were married. We are planning to have a formal ceremony next June.

After a very, very shot week home Alan went up to Kansas where he has been stationed at Fort Riley, which is right outside of Junction City, Kansas. Once he was here and settled we planned on him coming down to get me right away but like always the Army had bigger plans for us. After a couple days of being at post they sent the boys off to Cali for a month long training, so coming to get me right away didn't quit happen. Everything ended up working out just fine, I was able to finish up the summer session with my job, pack everything, and even have a couple days to say good-bye to all the amazing people that I was leaving behind.

Once we got here, we searched and searched and searched for some place to live. We got here right at the same time the University was getting into their fall session so a lot of the housing was taken already. After almost a week of trying to find some place to live, we found where we are now (we would have taken on post housing but the wait was/is 18 months - we are still waiting to get to the top of the list) and it's the best place I could have asked for. There are only 6 units and the one we live in is a duplex, the neighbors are amazing, and it's right across the street from the City Park. We were really lucky and couldn't have asked for a better place.

Not to long ago A got orders to deploy. Not very happy about it but we knew it would come eventually and this is what we signed up for. I'm dealing, there isn't any other way to state it. I'm trying to stay strong for my husband, I'm trying very hard to not loose it around him - he doesn't need to know how hard this is for me when he is going to War. Things have gotten tense between us, nothing super horrible but we argue about the small things to the big things. I try to remember that he is stressed, I know he doesn't want to leave but it's soooo frustrating for him to take out work on me at the end of the day. It doesn't matter though, I will always love him, stand by his side, and support him in anything that might be. From joining the Army, to going to War, to what ever the road might lead and I know he will be by my side as well.

Other then that life is still moving forward, I love my new job (I'm a Nanny again, to a 6.5 mo old baby), now that it's getting warmer and there is a 99.9% chance that the snow if finally over and Spring is here I really am enjoying the state of Kansas, I love being close to my family, I love being close to Clare (even though I have not seen her much and I let her down the other weekend - thankfully we have an amazing relationship and she forgave me, or I at least I believe she has). BUT even though I love all of this so very much I do miss Texas and all the wonderful people I had to leave behind. I miss the almost always way to warm weather, I miss my friends, I miss my "kids". I know I can always visit all of them and I do plan on doing that, very soon!

Well, that is the quick update of what has been going on these days. Like I said, I plan on being back at least once a week hopefully more though!! I've missed my blog and being able to just let it all out!! Thanks to all of you for sticking it out with me!!

<3 KJ