Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just wanted to tell everyone to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year! I'm actually in Houston with the boyfriend's family - his dad's side. It's going to be an adventure and I can't wait to tell you about it when we get back!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Prayer - once again!

*Update: Scott went into surgery today at 1:00 pm CDT. They were able to go in and actually fix his heart - he no longer has a hole!! This is a great thing! Please keep him in your prayers for a quick recovery and no infections!

Original Post:
I've been slacking in the blog world these days but there has been a lot going on. I have a lot to blog about and awards that I have been given but I can't talk about that today - today this is for a family in my life that I need some prayers for!

an old picture of the family - it was Easter last year!

I know I have blogged about them before but I can't seem to find my post that I had about them so I will just share their story all over again - so if you know the story just bare with me :)

Scott and Jess are great friends of mine they have two wonderful kids that I talk about all the time E and O. I go to their house every Tuesday to watch and play with the kids while they go out and do things they need/want to do - kid free. I've done this for years now, even though it just feels like a couple weeks. I love them like they are my own kids, Jess and Scott like they are my brother and sister.

The kids - the newest picture I could find from this October at Church

Well, a little less then a year ago, O was diagnosed with a major hole in his heart. He is still thriving, gaining weight and growing like he should. They doctors told them that this kind of problem will not have any effect on O until he is in his 30's (give or take) that is when one day he could just pass out, never to wake up again. So, they have opted to fix the hole but not until O is 3 or 4 - it's safer - that is the plan for now - the only thing that would change that is if he keeps getting sick or starts to loose weight, then it would be moved up.

After O was diagnosed Jess had Scott go to the doctor. He has been told, a while ago, that something did sound right and he should check it out. Well, Scott being Scott didn't do it. After O, they decided that it was time to have him looked at, since he was about the age that they told O could just die. Well, come to find out Scott has the same thing that O does. They had been waiting to hear from the doctors about when they wanted to go in and get a better look at what was going on. They got the call last week and today Scott has gone into the hospital for that better look.

Today, they are going to scope him and look at his heart. IF they find that the hole will be able to be patched by going up a main artery in his leg, they will do it right then and there. If the hole is to big then they will have to wait and schedule him for open heart surgery later on. We are hoping they can just go in and fix it today, it is less invasive and less of a recovery time, of course! I'm not sure what time he went into the hospital but I will update as I find out - more then likely tomorrow some time.

Tonight, I'm going to be with the kids. I do not think they have any idea what is really going on. I know that I am going to have to make then fun night for them. O is only 1 1/2 so I'm sure he doesn't understand at all that mom and dad are not around but E is 4 so is going to take notice that things are different. We are going to play, read stories, watch a movie, and have a "sleep over". I might not be staying the night but I might, everything is just in the air and how things go for Scott. So, please keep this family in your prayers tonight - they need it for sure!

Scott- he hasn't changed at all even though this is a little older!

Thanks so much for everything!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fight for Preemies

I used to volunteer for the March of Dimes (for personal reasons I do not anymore) and they are an amazing organization that helps bring light to those who are premature, lost a baby due to prematurity, and educate everyone about premature birth. They are wonderful people and they raise money for an amazing cause! If you want to know more about the March of Dimes check out their website or give them a call (almost every large city has a chapter) they will always be willing to talk about what they do!

Today, November 17th, they have asked for people who blog to blog about their Fight For Preemies campaign and I choose to help them out! It only takes a minute to look at the sites and to learn a little more. I hope that you never have to use and organization like this one, but if that were to happen - you should know they are there - to help!!

Here is just some of the info from their page - thanks for reading this and knowing how important it is!

Do you know a baby that was born too soon, too small, unable to suck, unable to breathe on his own? Premature birth is a health crisis that jeopardizes the lives and health of nearly half-million babies each year. It is the #1 killer of newborns and can lead to lifelong disabilities. Worse: the number has increased 31 percent since 1981. It can happen without warning and for no known reason. Until we have more answers, anyone’s baby, could be born too soon.

Medical advances give even the tiniest babies a chance of survival, yet for many babies premature birth is still a life or death condition. It’s the #1 cause of death during the first month of life. And babies who survive face serious health challenges and risk lifelong disabilities.

The rate of premature birth has never been higher. In half the cases, we simply don’t understand what went wrong. We need to fight for answers. And, ultimately, preventions.

November 17 is dedicated to raising awareness of the crisis of premature birth. The March of Dimes invites bloggers like you to get involved.

• Learn about premature birth at
• Put a badge on your blog during November, Prematurity Awareness Month®
• On November 17, blog for a baby you love and to help others

We need to fight ― because babies shouldn't have to


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Countdown to Christmas - Week 1!

Okay week 1 is over and done with - it wasn't the best week around but hey, when it comes to changing how I eat, it never really is!

I'm glad to announce that I have lost 1 pound!! I know, that's not much but hey, it's one pound less then I was last week, right?!

I know part of it is because I have not worked out - at all! I always give myself one week to get into the hang of the new eating and then I add a work out. So, starting tonight it's back to the gym for me. Thankfully I have a great friend who joins me when she can (or I join her when I can) so that makes it a little less painful!! Hopefully with the added workouts starting today I will be able to loose more then 1 pound next week.

Also, just so you know, I am going to change my weigh in day to Fridays. I would rather weigh in before the weekend and after my crazy work week - it just works out better for me also. So, next week expect this update on Friday!!

I hope everyone else has a great loss week!!

Love, KJ

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fingerprint Friday

There is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman that says:
I can see the fingerprints of god
When I look at you
I can see the fingerprints of god
And I know its true
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds
And you're covered with the fingerprints of god
So look around you and see where YOU can see God's fingerprints. Is it in nature? Kids? Animals? Where do you see them? Here's how to join in.

Today, I had a plan on what I was going to thank God for but, so a major things has happened here in Texas and that has put a hold on my plans for today and to focus on those who need God more.

Today, I'm giving my Fingerprint Friday those who lost their lives, those where injured, and every single person who was effected by the events that happened yesterday at Fort Hood. Maybe you don't know what happened or you just learned about it. I heard about it shortly after it went on the air, while I was at work - I just happened to go to my home page and see the "Breaking News Alert". This event, in general, scares the crap out of me. A military base should be safe from those who want to hurt us, this is the one place a military member should be able to go and let their guard down, take a break, be themselves. Because I promise you, every other time, that's not how it is - they are watching out for everyone else, that is their job and they are damn good at it. This man has taken this one place away from those who keep up safe at night, those who put their lives on the line for other people. It kills me that now, if you go on a base, you are going to have to watch over your shoulder because you don't know what might happen, someone might loose it.

If you have not read it yet here is the news report as of right now (as we know with all news it will change as time passes - as they learn new details):

NBC, and news services
updated 1 hour, 54 minutes ago

FORT HOOD, Texas - Military officials were starting Friday to piece together what may have pushed an Army psychiatrist trained to help soldiers in distress to turn on his comrades in a shooting rampage that killed 13 people and wounded 30 in Texas.

The suspected shooter, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, was on a ventilator and unconscious in a hospital after being shot four times during the shootings at the Army's sprawling Fort Hood, post officials said. In the early chaos after the shootings, authorities believed they had killed him, only to discover later that he had survived.

In Washington, a senior U.S. official said authorities at Fort Hood initially thought one of the victims who had been shot and killed was the shooter. The mistake resulted in a delay of several hours in identifying Hasan as the alleged assailant.

The commander of the Fort Hood Lt. Gen. Bob Cone told NBC's TODAY on Friday that Hasan was in a "stable condition." He said he would be interrogated as soon as possible.

Cone also said he heard first-hand accounts from witnesses on the scene that the suspect shouted "Allahu Akbar," which means "God is Great" in Arabic, before he opened fire at the Soldier Readiness Center at Fort Hood.

In a separate interview, Cone said survivors have told him the shooter carried out his gunfire in "a very calm and measured approach."

Some 300 soldiers were lined up to get shots and eye-testing when the shots rang out. Cone said one soldier who had been shot told him, 'I made the mistake of moving and I was shot again.' "

The general said survivors told him that during the rampage, soldiers "would scramble to the ground and help each other out." Cone appeared on CBS's "The Early Show."

'Friendly fire'
Authorities have not ruled out that Hasan was acting on behalf of some unidentified radical group, the official said. He would not say whether any evidence had come to light to support that theory.

The official spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss matters that were under investigation.

Officials are not ruling out the possibility that some of the casualties may have been victims of "friendly fire," that in the mayhem and confusion at the shooting scene some of the responding military officials may have shot some of the victims.

The gunfire broke out around 1:30 p.m. at the Soldier Readiness Center, where soldiers who are about to be deployed or who are returning undergo medical screening. Nearby, some soldiers were readying to head into a graduation ceremony for troops and families who had recently earned degrees.

‘Sir, they are opening fire over there!’Pastor Greg Schannep had just parked his car along the side of the theater and was about to head into the ceremony when a man in uniform approached him.

"Sir, they are opening fire over there!" the man told him. At first, he thought it was a training exercise — then heard three volleys and saw people running. As the man who warned him about the shots ran away, he could see the man's back was bloodied from a wound.

Schannep said police and medical and other emergency personnel were on the scene in an instant, telling people to get inside the theater. The post went into lockdown while a search began for a suspect and emergency workers began trying to treat the wounded. Some soldiers rushed to treat their injured colleagues by ripping their uniforms into makeshift bandages to treat their wounds.

Fort Hood's Cone praised the soldiers for their quick reaction.

"God bless these soldiers," Cone said. "As horrible as this was it could have been worse."

Cone made special mention of Amber Bahr, 19, an army nutritionist who was wounded during the attack. He said she helped wounded soldiers during the rampage. Only after the attack did she realize that she herself was wounded, Cone said.

Her mother, Lisa Pfund, told the Sheboygan Press that she spoke briefly to Bahr after she was taken to a community hospital.

"I actually got to talk to Amber and I talked to her for about 30 seconds and she was in a lot of pain," Pfund said. "She couldn't tell me nothing, either."

Video from the scene showed police patrolling the area with handguns and rifles, ducking behind buildings for cover. Sirens could be heard wailing while a woman's voice on a public-address system urged people to take cover. Schools on the base went into lockdown, and family members trying to find out what was happening inside found cell phone lines jammed or busy.

"I was confused and just shocked," said Spc. Jerry Richard, 27, who works at the center but was not on duty during the shooting. "Overseas you are ready for it. But here you can't even defend yourself."

The wounded were dispersed among hospitals in central Texas, Cone said. Their identities and the identities of the dead were not immediately released.

The bodies of the victims would be taken to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for autopsies and forensic tests, said a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss matters that were under investigation.

There will also be a ceremony at the air base to honor the dead.

Jamie and Scotty Casteel stood outside the emergency room at the hospital in Temple waiting for news of their son-in-law Matthew Cooke, who was among the injured.

"He's been shot in the abdomen and that's all we know," Jamie Casteel told The Associated Press. She said Cook, from New York state, had been home from Iraq for about a year.

Ashley Saucedo told WOOD-TV in Michigan that her husband was shot in the arm, but she couldn't discuss specifics. Saucedo said she and the couple's two children weren't permitted to leave their home at Fort Hood during the shootings.

Anger about looming deployment?
The motive for the shooting wasn't clear, but Hasan was apparently set to deploy soon, and had expressed some anger about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, said generals at Fort Hood told her that Hasan was about to deploy overseas. Retired Col. Terry Lee, who said he had worked with Hasan, told Fox News he was being sent to Afghanistan.

Lee said Hasan had hoped Obama would pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq and got into frequent arguments with others in the military who supported the wars.

For six years before reporting for duty at Fort Hood, in July, the 39-year-old Army major worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center pursuing a career in psychiatry, as an intern, a resident and, last year, a fellow in disaster and preventive psychiatry. He received his medical degree from the military's Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md., in 2001.

But his record wasn't sterling. At Walter Reed, he received a poor performance evaluation, according to an official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case publicly. And while he was an intern, Hasan had some "difficulties" that required counseling and extra supervision, said Dr. Thomas Grieger, who was the training director at the time.

At least six months ago, Hasan came to the attention of law enforcement officials because of Internet postings about suicide bombings and other threats, including posts that equated suicide bombers to soldiers who throw themselves on a grenade to save the lives of their comrades.

Investigators had not determined for certain whether Hasan was the author of the posting, and a formal investigation had not been opened before the shooting, said law enforcement officials who spoke to The AP on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the case.

The FBI, local police and other agencies searched Hasan's apartment Thursday night after evacuating the complex in Killeen, said city spokeswoman Hilary Shine. She referred questions about what was found to the FBI. The FBI in Dallas referred questions to a spokesman who was not immediately available early Friday morning.

© 2009

I have my own thoughts as I am sure many, many people do also. This was wrong, this man should have never opened fire at our men and women, getting ready to deploy for war or anyone for that matter, but he did. So, I'm asking you, instead of being hateful towards this man (which, trust me is very hard to do) ask God to keep those hurt close to his heart instead. Keep those families, who lost loved ones yesterday or who had loved ones injured in your prayers tonight. I have said it before and I will say it again - in times of trouble it's hard to see God and how this might be a fingerprint but if you think of all the people who are praying to him, asking him to hold those people close to him it really is amazing. Yesterday, today, tonight, and for a long, long time these people will be in my heart and prayers.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Countdown to Christmas - Loosing some extra pounds!

My blogger friend Sarah has some awesome blogs out there - she has a cooking in Germany blog, a real life blog, and a weight loss blog!! They are all fun to read and I'm very impressed she can keep so many!! I have a hard time just keeping up this one! Well, I've been feeling pretty down and out about some things and this has effected me along the lines of eating. I've come to realize that I'm an eater - I can say I watch what I eat but I eat MORE then I should and that KILLS ME!!! So, after seeing Sarah and how awesome she is doing I'm going to join her, her blog friend Dawne on this challenge! Wish me luck and I hope to have a great update for you come next Wednesday! Thanks Sarah for posting this - I'm ready to get my butt back in gear and mean it this time!!

1. Choose a specific, realistic goal that you can achieve by December 25th.
2. Post weekly updates (you choose the day) about your progress.
3. Decide on a gift (reward) that you’ll give yourself when you meet your goal.

1. My goal will be to loose the 10 pounds I've regained plus 5 so that will put me at loosing 15 pounds by December 25th (a little over 7 weeks away or a little over 2 pounds per week).

2. I will post on Wednesday on how I'm doing and how the week went for me.

3. As a gift to myself for doing such an amazing job I will get myself a new dress - I love dresses but I will not get one with this extra weight on me!

Thanks everyone for the support in advance and wish me luck, it's going to be a fun ride!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Swag Bucks...

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Mine hasn't been to bad and I KNOW I'm behind in blogging but I will get caught up, some day! BUT for now Jennifer over at The Foster Family had this cool thing on her page and I thought I would try it out. She seems to be having great luck on it so far! Here is what Jennifer had to say about it:

So two weeks ago I signed up for Swagbucks after seeing it on another blog. I had no idea what it really did, and asked you guys all about it. Well, after playing around with it, I decided to write a little more on the subject.

First off - if you are a "googler", sign up! I am always using google, and this way whenever I search, I have the opportunity to win. On a daily basis, I'll usually win between 2-6 Swagbucks just by searching via their engine (backed by google and ask) instead of regular google.

Second - you can earn Swagbucks by shopping online. So when I ordered something from Walmart's website, I just clicked though Swagbucks first and earned that way.

Third - any friend YOU get to sign up, you earn 1 buck for each buck they earn!

Overall, I've been able to win about $45 in giftcards to different places online, which I'll use for Christmas shopping. I'm all about getting stuff for free!

If you haven't yet, sign up and give it a try. Try posting it on your blogs and see how many people you can get to sign up, too!

So why not give it a try, right?!!? I know I am - I will keep you posted on how it's working out and such!

Search & Win

Happy Tuesday!!

Love, KJ