Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me, Monday!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I of course do not LOVE Not ME! Mondays... nope, I of course do not look forward to doing it, reading other people's or count down the hours until I can do it!! Nope, not me...

I also do not look forward to the time my boss is not in the office! I of course do not wait for him to leave so I can play games, read news articles, or write blogs... No way!! I have WAY to much work to do around here!!

I am soooo not annoyed that work as slowed down, meaning everyone is hanging around the office more then ever, including the guys who work outside! I of course LOVE that everyone is here, all the time! I of course do not mind that they are here, making me look like I'm working! Don't you know... I have TONS of things I could do, I would NEVER want to play on the Internet at work! NOPE NOT ME!!

I did not go to a 5 year old's birthday party and have a blast this weekend! I of course did not chicken out to go down the 18 foot water slide they had! I of course did not laugh at every single person (adult) that managed to get up and go down... flying full speed... and manage to hurt themselves in some way (not serious... at least on the slide)!!

I did not FINALLY get back to Church this weekend. Don't you know, I go every weekend that I'm in town. I really do love my Church, so I would NOT have a hard time waking up Sunday mornings to get down there!

I also did not go on a super secret mission. Taking pictures of things, to keep an eye on things... I don't sneak around anywhere, I of course would not pretend to be a visitor in the city I live in!!

I did not also have a blast doing this with my friend, who after wards went to lunch with me, then we did not go and get the most amazing Italian Gelato ever! I also did not get the medium size when the small would have been perfect... I also did not eat EVERY bite. Nope, no way, no how... I can control my urges to eat sweets, always!!

I also did not set my wonderful iPhone down in the cart at target... two weekends before school starts (so crazy busy), forget that I set it down and leave it in the cart. I DID remember not even 5 minutes after we returned the cart, tooooo bad someone had taken the care already! Nope, I always carry my purse with me and make sure I have EVERYTHING before I leave a store!

I also did not put my blind faith into karma and God, that it would bring me back a phone, nope... I do not ask silly things from God and karma. I did not tell myself a million times that I'm a good person, who does good things... so there are other good people out there who would do what I would... turn the phone in.

I was not told by everyone that I would not get my phone back, that I needed to cancel service right away, I of course listened so well (I was giving it until this morning). Nope, I listen to ever single piece of advice I'm given!

I also am not soooo happy that I soooo didn't listen to those people. I did not get a phone call (while I'm 30 min outside the city, at a birthday party) that a lady had found my phone! That she wasn't calling me too ask what she should do! That she didn't find it IN THE CART at Target! YAY!!! I was not of course happy, my friends of course were not stunned that there are good people, and of course did not thank God and karma for making good people!! Nope, not me!!

I also did not get yelled at by said friends for not leaving right that second to go and pick up said phone from Target... So the boyfriend, did not drop everything, leave the party, and go pick up the phone for me! No way would he be that awesome and do such a great thing! I of course do not love him at all ;)!

I hope you have a great Monday!!


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