Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Crazy Saturday...

So, after my Not Me! Monday, I've wanted to go more into detail about my fun and memorable Saturday afternoon, so here goes nothing -

It all started out with a trip to a local location (this will still stay a secret because some people can not now, as of right now, what we were up too) where I meet up with a friend. I decided to leave my purse in the car - grabbed my camera, phone, money, bank card, cash, and keys (now, looking at this, I should have taken the purse... that's a lot) put them in pockets and we did our thing! While we were there, we decided that we were going to go to lunch and then we both had some errands to run and running errands is ALWAYS more fun with a friend then by yourself (at least it is for me)! So, we went to Panera and then around the corner to Paciugo (it's awesome Gelato - the best! If you live or are in San Antonio, go to this place... it's sooooo worth it)! After that we ran to a photo shop and then to this place:

I love this place, I love the deal, the quality of the things, the people... everything makes me happy. I need to get a birthday present and some small things and some other things, that like always Target can convince me that I need!! Well, while walking through the store (remember, I do not have my purse with me) I sat this down on the seat of the cart:

We finished walking through the store, went to check out, as I was checking out my friend told me she was going to put the cart away, while I finished and before her turn! Awesome, one less thing to do as we walk out of the store! Well, when she got finished checking out we left and started to get in the car. This is when I realized that I did not have my phone, so, we walked quickly back up to the store and inside... no one could have taken the care that fast, right?! WRONG!!! It was gone, no where to be seen! The nice people helped us look in the carts as my friend called and called the phone. Nothing, not a peep came from any of the carts! I was crushed! This stupid phone was an early birthday present from the boyfriend, it had my life on it, passwords, bank accounts, EVERYTHING! I was soooo mad at myself!! Why couldn't I just put the phone in my pocket!! Well, we left Target, no phone and my friends phone number with the people, hoping someone out there would turn in my phone! Saturday came and went... no phone call, no nothing! Sunday got here, still no phone... lots of telling people at Church that I lost it, I had no phone numbers anymore, let alone the times and dates people needed me to watch their kids!!

So, on Sunday I had been planning on going to my other friends daughters 5th birthday party! I was taking Ella with me, so I got her from Church, went and got the boyfriend and started the drive to Boerne (it's about 20 min from SA). While we were there, I had to inform more people that the phone was gone and I had no phone numbers anymore. As we were there, another friend came out with the boyfriends phone, said it was ringing, she looked and it said my name and number!!!!! So, of course she answered, she knew it was lost and I was there, why would I call him?! So, a great, kind lady was on the other end, telling me she found it... in the cart!!! She wanted to know what to do with the phone, should she hold on to it and I can meet her some place or should she leave it there?! I told her to leave it and when I took Ella home I would pick it up. I called Target, talked to a manager (at the advice of the boyfriend, and told them the situation. The boyfriend didn't like that I was going to wait all day (I was not about to load a 4 year old into the car, at the birthday party to leave, get a phone and go back to the party, to turn around later and do it again), so he went allll the way back to SA to pick up my phone and bring it to me!!!

I love this story, not only because I got my phone back but because it made me see that there are great people out there. That if you're a good person, and try to do the right thing that it will come back to you, when you need it too. My faith in people was reassured that night, knowing that lady could have taken my phone and sold it, used it, did what ever she wanted with it. BUT she didn't, she called people to find me (she even called my dad, he called me back, very confused of course - he didn't know it was lost yet) I wish I could have met this lady. I would have told her how awesome she is, how when she needs something good to happen for her, it will because she did it for me!

I know that the next time I find something that is not mine, it's going straight (not that I wouldn't anyway) to someone who can take care of it, until it's owner is found. Thanks Lady for being awesome, you really did make my life so much better, even in ways you will never know!


After thought- I have also learned my lesson - if I'm going to have any thing with me, I need to make sure I have my purse. No more laying ANYTHING down, ever!!

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