Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me, Monday!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I've not missed you Not Me! Monday!, becuase if I've missed you that would mean that I have not done a Not Me! Monday in awhile (or a week) and that is NOT ME!! I'm always on top of my blogging and keeping up with everything, on time of course!

This week was a nice but crazy one, it really started LAST week at work!

The AC unit did NOT break one day, nope, things around this office always work like clock work, never breaking!

The temp in the office did not reach of 90 degrees before the boss came back to see how bad it really was. He did not then say "I thought you liked being hot...." I actually love the hot weather but we ALL have a breaking point and I've found mine is anything above 102 (not including heat index) so take 102 degree weather outside with 90 degrees inside... nope, not digging the hot at that moment at all!

I of course called the AC dude to come fix it, I of course did not HAVE to leave the office to go pick up plants (in 102 weather) so I would of course be at the office all afternoon, sweating to death. He of course couldn't make it out... I had to suffer until the next day... made the appointment for 8:30am

He of course showed up right on time: 9:45 am, I did not call with a major attitude at hand. Nope not me, I don't yell at people, ever. Especially when it comes to work people... I must always be professional!! Poor, poor people who make me mad :)

He fixed the problem, but NOT after he told us that there was a leak somewhere and to fix said leak we would have to TEAR DOWN A WALL to fix it... Nope, because remember things run like clock work around here!!

Oh... the plants thing.. my boss did not tell me to go to one place, I did not get to said place, call him and find out that I was at the WRONG place (he also did not tell me a name to ask for, I did not go to the wrong place, ask for said person... I did not get the most confused looks in the world.) I did not make these poor people take me around to look at the plants that I needed from them.... to then find out that I was of course at the right place.

Get the actually plant place, ask for guy, guy did not have a major attitude (remember it's hot... no ac at work, I was of course in the best mood ever)... I of course did not want to punch him in the face, nope, I'm not violent at all... I would NEVER THINK OF HITTING SOMEONE, EVER!! :) Of course on a real note... I just thought of hitting the guy, gave me major attitude back, got my plants, blasted the ac and went back the the hot, hot office.

The boss did end up letting me go home early that day, I of course did not go right home to relax in the cool, cool air of my house. I decided it would be great to run errands... Nope, I'm smarter then that, I would never put my bad, hot attitude on others!!

Now, skip forward to this past weekend!! :)

Friday I did not have the day off of work, I did not clean the bf's apartment for him in return that he did not get my well over due oil changed in my car. Nope not me! I wouldn't have to make that deal because I'm the best at getting my oil changed!!

I also did not go to lunch or a movie with my friend Jen. I also did not cry for almost 2 hours at said movie. I also did not suggest to people that if they didn't want to cry then they should not go see "My Sister's Keeper".

I did not get in another fight with the boyfriend, nope, we get along soooo well allll the time that it's just not me to be in a fight with him!!

I did not have the best time ever on the 4th of July celebrating a 4 year long tradition with another one of my friends. Nope, I'm not into traditions at all!

I did not sit in the heat (103) at 6:00 at night with her, people watching, talking, taking fun pictures, just hanging out until the sun went down and we could start to cool off.

We did not get upset at the family sitting across from us. We did not get annoyed to hear a parent encourage their child to squirt people with a squirt gun. We were not at an AFB, she was not squirting men and women in their uniforms!! I would never get annoyed at a child having fun, nope not me!

I did not have the best time ever though, celebrating this tradition with my friend. It was not well worth every second :)

I did not get into another fight with my bf, remember, it's Not me to fight!

I did not go to dinner with my another friend, then have ice cream. She of course did not pull me out of my funk.

Oh how I love to talk about the AC at work! This morning I did not get into work, find it muggy and then of course be told that the AC until had broken once again. Nope, this wouldn't happen to me because the AC unit that wouldn't break wasn't just fixed the other day!

I was not told that the light flickered, buzzed, and then liquid shot out of the AC unit. I was not secretly happy that I was not at work when this happened.

I was then not forced to call the wonderful AC man that is always on time! I did not call at 8:30 this morning asking for him to come as soon as possible. He of course has gotten here... it's not 9:50am.

He also did not tell (with an attitude of course) I guess I will cancel the plans I had this morning to fix the problem... I of course didn't think to myself... fine, keep your plans, I will call someone else who will fix the problem right, the first time. Nope, not me... I would NEVER think something like that.

I also was not informed that the office had a broken water main down the street. I did not have to call SAWS to have them come out. I of course was not told I was not the fist call of the day, they will get there when they get there!

I of course am soooo happy to be at work this wonderful morning. I am not tired and a little grumpy, nope not me! I always go to bed at a smart time to be well rested for the week and what is ahead. :)

Happy Monday!


  1. I hate it when the AC breaks!! I can't stand heat!

  2. you should just go home now sister.

    If your boss was not the boss, I would not blame you for punching him in the face.

    I hope your AC issues clear up!