Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I ♥ ....

So finally here is the second installment of things that I ♥

This is one of those things that if you want to participate you're more then welcome to join along... I love to share with people things that I ♥ and figured this is a great way to share!! If you want to join, just blog about something you love... it can be ANYTHING... your children, a site, a store, an animal, your love:your choice, then link it back to my blog (make sure you mention my blog somewhere in your ♥ post)!!

Today I ♥ a good, working AC unit! It's summer time here in the great state of Texas (as well as the rest of the country) and man oh man is it getting hot this year! I'm usually one to run around, year round, in jeans and be sooo happy but this summer is KILLING ME!! I had to give in and buy some shorts (yikes)!! I'm not a happy person with the heat this year (104+ for most days and the nights are getting much cooler then 80).

Well, at work yesterday the AC unit decided that it isn't very fond of the Texas summer either. It just stopped blowing cold air, it was gross! I was out and about getting plants for work (I work for a Landscape Architect) and was already hot to begin with. When you get back to the office you expect it to be nice and chilly (my boss really hates the heat.. he's from Wisconsin) so I'm usually freezing when I'm inside. Well, the heat that came out the door when I got back was horrible! I called the AC man, he said he couldn't be here until tomorrow morning (I very clearly stated that I will be in the office at 8:30 am) and he would be here first thing! So, thankfully my boss came back from meetings, felt how hot it was, and let me go home... still paying for my hours (I'm hourly so leaving early hurts my pay).

So, today I get into the office and it's cooler then when I left yesterday but still at 82 degrees. 8:30 comes and goes, so does 9, finally at 9:30 I call the AC man and he tells me he is on his way. I very nicely state to him "I thought our appointment was at 8:30 this morning" he very rudely tells me... "I got caught up and busy... be there in 20 minutes". This made me mad, I get that things happen and people get busy and appointments need to be delayed BUT as an owner of a business I do expect that if you're going to be over AN HOUR late to an appointment, call and let the client know you're running behind and a new time you will be there! Finally he gets here, puts 4 pounds of Freon (not sure what this means, minus the fact it fixes broken AC units) and leaves.

Now, it's a little cooler today and we have a 30% chance that it will rain later on tonight (crossing finger, toes, and anything else I can cross) BUT I will say that I really do ♥ a working AC unit. I don't know how people can work outside, live with out an AC or anything, I know I've become spoiled with the great things that people have come up with but man, after yesterday I hope I don't have deal with that again, ever!!


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