Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday...

Wow, yesterday was crazy, I didn't even get to do my "Not Me! Monday!". It all really started Sunday night. Here is the back story to the craziness of Monday: Alan and I went down to Corpus Christi for a day/night to hang out and just get away from San Antonio. It was a blast, we went to the USS Lexington, had drinks at a local restaurant right down the street, then headed back to the hotel to hang out/cool off before dinner time. We finally headed down to the hotel bar, got some recommendations, and went on our way. We ended up finding an Irish Pub, we stopped, of course, hung out with the fun people there, then moved on (finally) to a place called "Crawdaddies" right down the road. The food was awesome, there is no way I could complain. After a late dinner, we headed back to the hotel, watched some TV and called it a night. The next morning we slept in, get read for check out, then wondered down the Marina for some Joe's. This was the start of my problems leading up to Monday! We ate lunch then decided to head back to SA, we needed to do laundry, and still go to the store for the week. It was an amazing trip and I can't wait until our next one together!

Well, Sunday as we are getting back into SA we decide to stop at Wal*Mart right down the road from me instead of going to my house, getting comfy then having to leave again. As we are shopping, my stomach decided it is going to tie it's self in a knot and pull from both ends, feeling like the knot is getting tighter and tighter!!!! It was horrible and I thought I was going to fall over in pain, I guess it showed because Alan could tell right away something was wrong. Being the best boyfriend ever, he unloaded the car, took care of my dog, and let me go right to bed and lay down. I tried to eat but that just made life 30000 times worse. Finlay feel asleep and woke up a million times but did get sleep! *This is also to come home and find that my AC had gone out at some point over the weekend... this doesn't help ANYTHING!!*

So, Monday comes... get up for work, still feel like crap but gotta pay the bills, right? Get to work and the first thing I notice is that one of the windows at the front of the office is broken. Come into the office (it's usually sooo cold in here, so remember my AC at home is broken so I'm looking forward to the nice cool office...) and it's 80 something degrees inside!!! THE AC AT WORK MANAGED TO BREAK AGAIN!!!! So, come to find out, sometime between Saturday and Sunday afternoon someone took a pretty good sized and heavy rock and threw it at our window. It broke through the outside glass (which was ordered thicker so people couldn't break in), a gap, another window, and then few across the room, hit the filing cabinet and dented it big time. My boss thought at first that it was some kids, with nothing better to do, breaking shit. I told him I thought someone did it, didn't realize these windows DON'T open and just took off instead of making more work for themselves. I had to file a police report (they did it over the phone, so much faster then waiting for someone to come over and it means I'm not taking an officer off the street where they could be doing something important), get the window people out here, and figure out what to do until the new widows come in and get fixed. As all of this is going on the "wonderful" AC dude comes by, looks at the AC unit, says what broke, and of course has to leave to go and get a part to fix it. I quote "I'm going to get the part, I will be right back...", in my mind I'm sooooo sure you will "be right back". Of course he takes over an hour to get back (by now it's 85+ in the office) to fix the damn thing. Fixes it leaves... now the AC has to cool down the whole office... it finally gets nice and cool around 4pm! Thankfully once I was able to get out of the office, I got to go home, hang out and just do a lot of nothing (besides a load or two of laundry), and try to make my stomach feel better (it was feeling a little better yesterday and a lot better today, I'm pretty sure it was the food I ate).

This is what you see when you drive up to my office now, a nice big hole in the window! This is also the first pane of glass the rock went through.

This is the second pane of glass that the rock went through

The rock that went through the window... we have a lot of rock (and stone) at the office but this is not one of ours, so who ever did this brought their own rock along.

My now dented filling cabinet... thankfully it still opens and closes!!

Now that Monday is over I'm crossing my fingers that the rest of this weeks is calm and flies by! There is a lot going on but I'm ready for a fun filled couple of weeks!! I hope that everyone had a nice calm Monday and it was nothing like mine!


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