Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Mondays!!

Once again my favorite part of Mondays is here!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not forget everything I wanted to say last week so I'm so not going I put things from last week this week!! ;)

I have not been working on this post for 2 weeks now, nope, I'm great at blogging and I do not have work that I should actually be doing instead of this! Nope, not me!!

I did not walk into my boyfriends apartment two Sunday to find out that he has decided to shave his head for the summer (not bald but short) and since he did not do this I was so not upset to see his hair gone!! * I'm used to it now, but I'm still not that big of a fan... at least it's just hair*

I also did not go to awesome jewelry part that same day and get an awesome yellow ring that I couldn't keep my hands off (to see what I am saving for and what I bought go to this post)!!

I am not disappointed to STILL not have that jewelry!! It is not back ordered and I DO NOT have to wait another TWO weeks until I get it!! Nope, it's NOT killing me at all!!

I for sure didn't go back to the boyfriends house to then show him that catalogue and point out the MANY things that I want out of it.

I have not gotten my crazy dog used to the car by taking him back and forth between the boyfriends and my house, that would be a mean mommy, right?

I absolutely did not have a blow up, I'm going to be mad at you for days fight with the boyfriend on Monday!! No way, we get along like pb&j (if that is what you like, I'm not a fan) always in sync, happy all the time!! There will never be any fighting, ever!

I also did not start to celebrate my birthday a week early (remember from last week, that would be crazy to enjoy getting another year older) due to a friend wanting to give me a birthday gift early... nope, not me because I'm not 5 years old and I don't need to count down the days (as of the post day for this... it's tomorrow)!!

I did not have a great time celebrating my birthday with some not great friends a week ago. Nope, I did not eat more then my tummy could hold and then manage to eat cake! OH!! This cake was not the most amazing cake EVER and it was also not the best tasting thing!!

I also have not manged to forget to post pictures from the entire month of May. Nope, I'm good at keeping on that kind of thing.. I would never, never slack in that department!!

I have also not started my Not Me! Mondays! on Monday, right after I posted my other one since I forgot over half of the things I DID NOT do last week... nope, not me at all!!

For now... this is all, I actually have a lot on my mind and need to do another post in just a few min!


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