Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Stella & Dot"

This past Sunday my friend Heidi hosted a jewelry with a sales rep from "Stella & Dot" (who is her friend), I'm usually not one for the make-up parties (yes, I've hosted them and been to them... doesn't mean I really WANT to go them), trunk parties, ect... BUT being the good friend that I am, I went. The reason behind not liking these things is because you always feel obligated to buy SOMETHING and they are usually NOT the cheapest things around. So, knowing I was going to get something and spend money I shouldn't, I put a smile on my face, and walked into the door....

OMG, it was LOVE at first site!!! I couldn't keep my hands off of every.single.piece of jewelry she had sitting out on the dinning room table. The color, the shapes, the way EVERYTHING matched or could be taken off and then put onto a different chain, bracelet, or ear rings... it was LOVE and I couldn't help it!! Of course I wore a cute brown top and jeans, everything that I tried on matched and went so well and made jeans and a cute brown top even cuter and it just worked!!

Of course, everything was still on the expensive side (the thing I was the most is a pretty, pretty necklace that is over $250.00 with tax) but I think it might be something I save for... I love it that much!!

I ended up buying something, I couldn't leave with out something to show off, it was just that cute, and as soon as I saw it I really couldn't put it down... I kept going back, to the point everyone asked if that is what I was going to buy because I kept putting it on, taking it off, putting it on, taking it off... you get the idea!! WELL, the picture is right there.. what do you think? I'm in love with it, even if it's not much but for some reason I have a passion for this ring!!

If you get a chance you should check out the website and see if there is something that you might want to buy... you don't even have to have a party, you can just order right off of the website, but I'm telling you, if you have a party people will buy, it's to cute not too!!! If your on my Christmas list you can pretty much assume you're getting some form of jewelry this year and you can bet it's going to be a "Stella & Dot" piece!! Happy Shopping and I hope you love it as much as I do!!


PS- The catalogue does nothing for the jewelry, you really do have to see it in person to know how super cute everything really is!!

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  1. I know what I want:
    Selma Post Earrings -- Coral.
    put it on your list. I'm sure if I find something else, I'll let you know! love ya!