Friday, May 22, 2009

Finger Print Fridays

This week I was going to honor my family with my Finger Print Friday post but yesterday I received an email about a friend and her family and I feel they should have the spot light today...

The Lundgren's have become my family in Texas, in more ways then they will ever know. I'm sure you've seen my posts or heard about Ella and Owen on a million different occasions. They have welcomed me into their lives on many occasions and supported me in everything that I have chosen in my life! They are amazing and I couldn't have wished for better people in my life!! I really do see the Finger Prints of God in them, after everything they have learned is the past couple of months they still have a positive outlook and they still walk side by side with God, putting their trust in him!

Awhile back, I asked for prayers for Owen, I didn't really say why or even say anything at all. I needed time, I needed to process what I was told and realize that everything was going to be just fine... that God had a plan for Owen and no one would realize what exact that was until this week....
Owen went to his 1 year check up and his doctor heard a very distinct mummer in his chest, it was highly suggested they go to a pediatric cardiologist to have it looked at in depth. Well, after the appointment they found out Owen has a hole in his heart (between the chambers so the "good" blood is mixing with the "bad" blood), they were told this is not life threatening to him right now... but later down the road (maybe in his 30's) there is a good chance he would be walking down the road and he would just pass away. Of course knowing this is fixable and that don't want to put him in any kind of danger later on they have decided to get the hole patched. As of right now he will not have anything done until he is at least 3 years old and it's then when they will decide weather or not it will have to be open heart surgery or if they will be able to go through his vain and patch it that way (it all depends on how big the hole is... right now it's pretty big BUT it could get smaller or it could get bigger... this is why they will not decide until right before the procedure is closer). If you looked at Owen you would never know that he has a problem, he is such a little boy... playing with cars, eating all the time, running around with his sister and now loving to play in the pool. BUT as much as this stinks to know that a wonderful little boy will have to have something so major done is not even the beginning of the story... He is an Angel is disguise!!

Owen is Scott's Angel that is for sure!! After Jess found out about Owen's heart and what could become of him later in life she had a talk with Scott. For awhile she has known that he had a mummer but it was never looked at more in depth. Of course she got worried after hearing about O and what could happen when he hits his 30's... around the age Scott is. Well, Scott decided that it was a great idea to have his heart checked out, to be on the safe side. It was found that he has the same condition as Owen and he is going to need surgery also!! But they will do Scott's in the 3 - 5 month time frame, it's a 50/50 shot right now on weather it will be open heart or through a vain... again, it depends on how big the hole is once the date gets closer. So, just like Owen, Scott needs some prayers as well! To me this is a perfect example on how God has a plan for everything, why you should never question what he does or why. If it wasn't for Owen and his condition then they would have never had Scott check out his heart and who knows what would have happened down the road. This is where God's Finger Print isn't always the happiest but it's his and he really does have a plan for every.single.thing he puts in front of us!

If you think about this wonderful family could use your prayers for awhile, I will for sure keep you updated on everyone and they are doing as the time comes and goes... if you have any questions just ask, I will let you know as much as I can or know myself! I hope you have a very wonderful Memorial Day weekend, see you back on Tuesday (for Not Me!! Mondays!!... just a day late)!!



From Beci's Blog:
There is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman that says:
I can see the fingerprints of god
When I look at you I can see the fingerprints of god
And I know it’s true
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds
And you're covered with the fingerprints of God
So look around you and see where YOU can see God's fingerprints. Is it in nature? Kids? Animals? Where do you see them? Here's how to join in - Go to Becki's Blog!


  1. What a beautiful family! God can bring about blessings in unforeseen ways, that's for sure. I hope Scott and Owen will be ok.

  2. I must tell you, this same thing happened to my sister-in-law..Her granddaughter was premature, one pound +..well, they found a hole in her heart as she grew..Then my sister-in-law had a problem and they found a hole in her heart..They had to check all her sibblings, since it was something in their family. All is well with everyone and the little one is doing fine.
    She is now three and thriving.
    Will keep everyone in my prayers..

  3. WOW! God sure knows how to take what the enemy meant for evil and use it for His glory doesn't He? praise God that they found the dad's heart problem too! God is so good and i'm believing for full healings in both of them!

  4. I have always said that EVERYTHING happens for a reason in our lifetime. I will have Owen and Scott in my prayers. Owen is a beautiful baby! What a touching story!

  5. What a beautiful story!!

    God is amazing.

  6. "he really does have a plan for every.single.thing he puts in front of us!"

    What a great assurance we have in this!

  7. What a great story! Glad I found your blog.