Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm a little grossed out...

So, I said I was only going to post once a week but I found this website and it has seriously grossed me out! It's called "This is why you're fat" and it has pictures of the most disgusting foods I have ever seen (I'm sorry if you like these foods but I can't even handle looking at the pictures)! The worst part is people have made these dishes and probably ate it after that! YUCK!!

Thanks to Jennifer McCann she has made a blog called "This Is Why You're Thin" and it has some of the best foods I have ever seen! I can't wait to try to make some of these foods and I have only been on a couple pages of her blog so far! Okay, some of it doesn't look that great to me either but NOT like the foods on the other web page.

I'm not saying that I eat the best foods around or that I'm even "thin" for that matter BUT I can see why we have a problem... if people really eat that stuff then DUH they are going to be "fat" (I'm sorry if this word offends you but it's the truth, why hide it). I know that something every once in awhile and in moderation is great BUT get with the picture people!!! If you eat that ALL the time then what do you think you're doing to your body?!!?

As a disclaimer, I'm an average person that suffers everyday trying to make the right choices with what to eat. In no way am I a professional that should tell anyone what and what not to eat at any point. BUT I will tell you that I have a brain in my head (though it might not always work the way I wished it did) and I'm smart enough to know that foods full of grease and fat will only hurt you in the long run! Again, I don't want to hurt any ones feelings or make anyone think that I'm judging people. I'M NOT! I just wanted to share a couple websites and how one has grossed me out and how the other soooo make up for it!

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