Friday, October 30, 2009

Prayers for Stellan

Hey everyone - I hope your Friday is a great one! I'm sure you've all notices my button to the side that says "Praying for Stellan" well, I'm calling on you blog land to help me pray very hard for this little boy. He is needing it right now!

Stellan suffers from a heart condition called SVT - it's where is heart beats very, very fast and if it does not get back to a normal rhythm it can cause a lot of problems. Well, he went into a SVT episode a couple days ago and went down hill very fast. They took him to the hospital, he went into the PICU, and was even put on a ventilator to help him out. He's doing a little better today but they need some prayers right now. Not only for Stellan but for his mom, dad, 2 older brothers, and older sister, for his doctors, nurses and everyone who cares for him - for everyone this little boys life has touched! So, please offer up a minute of your time to pray for this little boy.

For updates on how he is doing you can go to his MckMama's page and read her blog or if you have twitter you can follow her there as well.

Prayers for Stellan


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