Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blog Award - My First!!

I got this cute little award from Sarah at An Army Wife's Life, I don't know Sarah but her blog is awesome and you should read it. I love reading all things military (due to my family) but I also like to read and learn how the other side - the wives, kids, family - are doing! So, thank you very much for the award Sarah!

1. Where is your cell phone... Next to me on the desk

2. Your hair... Being held back with my sunglasses

3. Your mother... (step-mom) I'm guessing she is at work

4. Your father... Dad is either at work or helping Uncle Joe with harvest

5. Your favorite food... Pizza!

6. Your dream from last night... I'm not sure from last night - that's a good thing, because the dreams I remember are usually the bad ones

7. Your favorite drink... Water with a mix-in!

8. Your dream/goal... To someday be a great wife and mom - that or succeed at an awesome job

9. What room are you in... The front room of work aka my "office"

10. What is your hobby... Babysitting, reading, blogging - even if I slack

11. What is your fear... Thunderstorms, spiders

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years... So many options, that I can't pick or say just one right now :)

13. Where were you last night... Babysitting, then talking to Jess, then off to the bf's house

14. Something you are not... A liar

15. Muffins?... I LOVE the fiber one apple muffins

16. Wish List items... Nintendo Wii <-- I agree with Sarah

17. Where did you grow up... Kansas

18. Last thing you did... I'm sad to say that I turned on "The Hills" online to listen to - but I'm not sad to say that this season isn't that great!

19. What are you wearing... T-Shirt and jeans

20. Your TV.... When I'm home it's sooo many different things - Ghost Hunters, Grey's, Hoarders, etc...

21. Your pets... Bailey (dog) and Tux (cat)

22. Your friends... Are all over the place but that just gives me more places to go on vacation!

23. Your life... Is interesting right now - I'm sitting aside, looking at the paths in front of me

24. Your mood... Today I'm doing well

25. Missing someone... My dad, Clare, Fiona, Mom and Dad Lonergan, etc..

26. Vehicle... Altima

27. Something your not wearing... Make-up

28. Your favorite store... Right now it's all the wonderful Etsy stores

29. Your favorite color... Pink!

30. When's the last time you laughed... Talking to Randy at work

31. When's the last time you cried... I teared up last night

32. Your best friend... I have sooo many, if I leave you off - I'm sorry! Clare, Lou, Jen, Alan...

33. One place you go over and over... On a nice day - the park

34. One person who emails me regularly... Clare

35. Favorite place to eat?... Panera

Okay - Now I'm supposed to nominate 6 people to do this along with me and give them the awesome award. I know that I have 12 followers but some don't have blogs, so I'm just going to do the ones I can - minus Sarah of course! :)

The Lucky Ones Are -






Have fun!!


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