Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walk, Walk, Walk...

This past Saturday my friend L and I went to Breckenridge Park to walk in the Alzheimer's Walk. When her grandfather passed away he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's - so we walk in honer of him - our team is called "Friends of Fred".

As always it's a blast, we get there, check in, get our shirts, walk around, get some breakfast, and then start the walk. It's not very long at all only 1.5 miles, so L asked if we could do it twice. I had NO problem with that - it was a nice day, warm but not dying hot, plus the park is nice and shady so it worked out perfect! So we ended up walking 3 miles total. When we got back to the base site it really just looked like we were slow and the last people to get back in.

To make everything even better, we brought her dog, Guido, along with us. L always has funny stories about him when they walk and how he will just stop, lay down and be done - sidewalk, peoples yards, etc... SO to be on the safe side I told her to bring her doggie backpack and I told her I would wear it while we walked, even if Guido decided he was done and wanted in. WELL - only a few people actually commented on it to our faces, who knows how many people said something when we couldn't hear them, but the ones who said something to us thought it was great! Guido did an awesome job walking the 3 miles and did not quit on us once! I'm sure it helped that when they set up water stations for the humans they also had set up bowls for the dogs also, they really thought ahead! ALSO at the base camp they had a little tent for the dogs - they gave away bandannas and a bag with some treats and a poop bag! It was awesome!

After we did our 3 miles and went back to base camp we took some pictures, walked around for a few minutes and then decided that Guido needed to be put in the backpack - tired or not! You knew that was coming, right? There is no was that I carried that thing around all morning and was NOT going to put that dog in the pack (not in a mean way - but a fun and happy way :)! So, we out him in, I put the backpack on and he chilled out. He didn't have any problems being in there. I'm pretty sure he was thinking "Why did I walk all the time when someone would have carried me around all day?"! He was cool with being the backpack while I had it on my back - BUT the thing also rolled!! So, we took it off and rolled him around in it as well. This wasn't on his happy list - he didn't bark or cry or anything but he was moving around a lot when before he was very still and relaxed. Thankfully for Guido we were done for the day and on our way to the car.

As we were leaving we were trying to think of some dog friendly places to we could go too. We ended up at Starbucks for some coffee and breakfast. Guido enjoyed this because I'm sucker for him - he loved the bagel I ended up getting and he also got some ice water to drink as well! So, all in all Guido ended up having a pretty awesome day with us!

After that we went out separate ways - L and Guido went home and I went to the BF's house to take a nap. I ended up sleeping a LOT longer then I wanted to but it felt great to catch up on some sleep. That night the BF and I went out with some friend and THAT is a whole different blog in it's self!

SO - next year we will be walking again. We are always looking for more people to walk with us - it's for a great cause and as you have read it's a very short walk. You don't even have to raise money BUT if you raise $100 then you get a shirt, I always put a high goal and usually only get the $100 but with things the way they are I'm happy with that. L's mom will be walking with us next year as well - it will be a great time and all for a good cause! Think about it and let me know!


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