Saturday, September 26, 2009


I've been seeing all the blogs that I follow talking about the Fall and how much they are loving the cooler temperatures and everything that comes along with that! I can tell you that I was starting to get jealous. I really do love Fall - the clothes, the smells, the decorating - everything about it. The problem is that I live in South Texas and don't you know that we don't believe in Fall or Winter?! Well, this year I guess the weather got the memo - right on the first day of Fall!!

Keep in mind this is NOT what Texas looks like in the fall, well, at least the part of Texas I live in - BUT when I think of fall this is what I think of and LOVE!

All Summer we have been in a horrible drought, praying for rain, 100+ temperatures for over 70 days in a row - it was horrible! I know I have complained about this a million times in this blog but I never realized how BAD it really was until this Summer. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hot weather, the swimming, being outside and then going into a cool house/store, I know I'm weird but I'm alright with that. Well, I know I picked one of the hottest places in the country to live but this Summer, like I said before, was above and beyond anything that we could have prepared for. Well, look out because Fall decided that it was going to make an entrance this year!

This is sooo what were were starting/already look like - so dry, cracked ground - it was very, very bad this year

We have had days of rain this week - and now for a couple weeks in a row! That's a HUGE deal when there was NO rain for soooo long! I always make fun of the weather people down here - I love that they tell us a "cold" front is going to come down, especially when it's not even October yet. Usually the "cold" front will put us in the mid 80's, something much, much better then the high 90's - 100's but that's not cold - that's cool! Well, they got it right this week!! For the past 3 days the highs have been in the mid 60's! Can you believe it?? Because I can't - I'm still in shock!! 60 degrees in September, usually we don't hit that until the beginning of November!! All week I have been wearing jeans, long sleeved t-shirts, and even a jacket at work (I still work in the Arctic circle when the boss is around - cold outside or hot, it doesn't matter it's ALWAYS cold in this office). I love that people think that we are going to freeze though. I know that living so far South you have thinner blood due to the fact the Summer's are SO hot - our bodies need to keep cool - so when it hits 60 degrees very, very fast (think at least a 30 degree temp change in a matter of hours)we get very, very cold. BUT I do not think that people need to be out wearing PARKAS with fur on the hoods!! It's not snowing nor do we have any kind of freeze warnings going on. It's just chilly and this is coming from someone who does NOT like the cold at all!

It's so amazing to go from the yucky, dry conditions to now seeing GREEN grass and trees again! LOVE IT

It does all make me wonder though - do you think we will keep our fall like weather and it's time to put away all the tank-tops and shorts or do you think that next week (like the weather man has predicted) we will go back into our 90 degree weather and this was just our long deserved break from the heat?? What do I think? I think the weather man will be right - this is way to soon in the season for us to be so chilly, I think that I'm going to keep my summer clothes out for just a little while longer and hope that I'm wrong. BUT I'm going to take advantage of this great weather and perfect night time snuggling with the windows open with my love. I'm going to soak up all the little kids, birds, animals in general playing outside in the puddles and mud.

So, for those of you who are lucky and have really started Fall and know that your summer is officially over - soak it up because at the rate the years have been passing it will be Summer all over again and we will have wondered where the wonderful Fall had gone to so fast!


*These pictures were "borrowed" off the Internet from people that I don't know - I am not claiming them as my own - fyi!

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  1. I am in Los Angeles and well I am frankly sick of our heat! Today is going to be a nice 100 degrees I mean its LA we should ALWAYS be in the 70's isnt that what we pay more for!?!?! OK I am done! Dont put away the summer clothes this weather is so unpredictable! Nonetheless HAPPY FALL =D