Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation Recap... Day 1!

So, I've been slacking. Partly due to catching up to work, partly due to the fact that I'm convinced that I'm dying (not really, but to those who don't know... I have BAD allergies, year round, and since I've seen an allergist on a regular time frame I've been great... that is until the rain *yup, we got some rain, but that is a whole different long side note* and the mold... they together will be the death of me), and finally partly due to the fact I'm just lazy!!

Our awesome cruise ship

Well, now it's time to play catch up and hope that I can remember all the awesome things that happened and that I'm so sad is slowly drifting away to the past! If you remember this post I let you know that I was going to Cozumel, Mexico. I was lucky enough that my friend L invited me along. There were 16 people total that went along for the "ride". L and I, her mom and dad, her aunt and uncle, then some other family members and some family friends. They were an awesome group of people, it was so great to get to know all of them!

Some of the girls on the trip

On Wednesday, L and I left for Galveston... it was a fun little car trip. We stopped at Bucce's, stoped to get some dinner, and managed to miss the crazy traffic in Houston. When we got to Galveston, we met up with some of her family at the hotel, hung out at the pool while drinking a couple beers, then headed up to bed. I soooo did not sleep very well, I was WAY to excited to be leaving. There was WAY to much going on in my head!!

Thursday morning we got up, walked down the road got a great breakfast, then walked back to the hotel to get our things together. We took two cars, one for people, one for bags (the immediate group we were with)... it worked out PERFECT!! After all of that we got into line to get all our things for the ship, got on, and just hung out on the deck while everyone else was getting on. It was nice, drinks were being served along with lunch, people exploring the ship, just relaxing! The ship took off right on time, we said goodbye to Galveston and hit the open seas!

Goodbye Galveston

That night we hung around, seeing what kind of things we had available. We were lucky and had early dinner (at 6 pm... late dinner was at 8:15) so, we went to get dressed for dinner, enjoyed meeting our waiters for the couple of days we would be seeing them, and had a great dinner. My first impression was that it was sooo much better then I thought it was going to be, this impression never left. After dinner we went and changed back into comfy cloths, walked around... found the awesome neon/piano bar, watched a show, and just hung out.

L and I at dinner the frist night

The Pink Elephant in the Neon/Paino Bar

It was a fun and exciting first day on a cruise... that's about the first day in a nut shell... more to come tomorrow :)


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