Monday, August 3, 2009

Not Me, Monday!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have not missed Not Me! Monday! once again... remember I'm on top of this ALL.THE.TIME I would never, ever not post.

Oh, I also would not have slacked for an entire week either! Nope, not me. I love to blog, so it would be silly for me to go an entire week of not blogging!

I also did not spend an extended weekend in Topeka/Kansas City, Kansas. Nope, I would never go THERE! ;)

I also did not have some of the best times helping Clare move from Topeka to Kansas City while I was there... and love it!

I did not enjoy the time I got to have with her in the car, talking about everything... like we see each other everyday. Not that we live miles and miles and miles apart!

I did not LOVE spending some much needed time with Fiona, nope, I do not love that girl more the life it's self. I did not enjoy giving her so many gifts for her birthday (okay, some were STILL from Easter, but I don't care... ;).

I did NOT have to use a bigger suite case to fit all her gifts in the airplane... I also did not have to STILL carry one gift on the plane.

I also did not try to take said bag onto the airplane, realized it was to big but still shove it in the overhead compartment... nope, I follow ALL rules. ALWAYS!

I did not only see my dad for a little bit of time while I was there, this did not upset me, I'm strong.

I also did not try to convince him to come to Texas to see me, nope, I'm fine with only seeing him once a year. It doesn't make me sad at all,!

On the way back to Texas, I was not stuck in airports or airplanes for 12 hours. Nope, things run on time when I'm around... always, nothing ever brakes

Oh yeah, the airplane did not have a fuel leak... nope, not at all

I was not annoyed, not one bit, I took it with stride and was able to not have a mental break down in the Kansas City Airport! I do not have break downs, I'm collected at all times!

I also did not FINALLY get back to Texas to yell at the boyfriend when he picked me up, due of course, to not being stressed out from sitting in airplanes and airports for 12 hours (I could have drove from KC to SA in that amount of time... at least I would have been making progress!).

Life is crazy, I know this but sometimes I just can't help it, and I didn't do... because you know... it's NOT ME!! :)

Happy Monday,

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