Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I WON!!!

So... I just HAD to post about this!! I never win ANYTHING, EVER!! I always tell people that I don't even bother due to the fact it's not worth my time. Well, Beki from PapmeringBeki posted this blog one day and I thought why not! I LOVE these reusable snack/sandwich bags and I have a feeling when I get back from Mexico I will be buying more. I take my lunch to work every other week with me, so it would be nice to use this instead of baggies and causing even more trash in the landfills! WELL, when she posted this contest, I thought what the heck... I might as well TRY, I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't win... if I did win it would Well this morning I went to her blog and read this awesome recipes for lettuce wraps and at the bottom she posted the winner, and there was MY NAME!!!! I had to actually click the link to make sure it was ME... remember I never win anything and when I saw MY blog come up it was AWESOME!!! So, I just had to let everyone know that it is worth the effort to try to win because sometimes, you actually win! I can't wait to get my bag in the mail and when I do I will for sure tell you how it is!

Thanks again Beki, you have restored my faith in contests and I'm sooo stoked to get my prize!


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