Thursday, July 23, 2009


Happy birthday Fiona...

You're such a speical little girl, to me and to so many others. In your little life you have showen me so much joy throuh you, your parents, and through thouse who love you. You can make me smile so much just by looking at a picture or hearing you "talk" on the phone when you're supposed to be sleeping.

I can't belive that I've only gotten to hold you a hand full of time since you've been born but that doens't mean I don't love you more then you will ever know! I have told your mommmy a million time that I don't want you to grow up, that I don't want to miss out on this part of your life just because I live so far away BUT I'm so excited for you to grow up. For you to see life, to see how God leads you down your path and what that path will do for you! I can't wait until your old enough for us to convice your mommy that you can come down to see me, all by yourslef... we will do so many thing together but for now, I'm still in shock that you are 1 year old today.

You are an amazing little girl Fiona, I can not wait to see this next year of your life and how much more joy you will bring to those around you.

I love you little girl!

Aunt Kari

Happy Birthday 07/23/08

Fiona - 11 months old (I think... Clare might change this for me... I love you)!

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