Thursday, June 4, 2009


A couple days ago I asked for some prayers for my friend Shannon and her dad Mike. Well, I'm sad to say that Mike lost his battle with cancer last night (06/03/09) and went to be with Jesus. I have not heard anything from Shannon (I found out due to our boyfriends being friends kind of thing) and I'm not sure when I will hear from her again. I can't even start to imagine what she is going through, she is a daddy's girl, and now he has been take to God. I could keep going on all the things he is going to miss out on with her but I'm pretty sure all of you can think of those on your own.

I know that when someone goes to Heaven you are supposed to rejoice and be happy that they have gone to live with God and in Mikes case,he is no longer suffering. It's just so hard. He was about the same age as my dad, he lived a healthy, happy life. Only getting sick once in awhile, and that wasn't anything major... just like my dad. It's a scary thought that it could happen to anyone. That people who are healthy, fit people can get cancer. That it doesn't just pick that people that don't take care of themselves. It's such a scary things, not knowing what it to come next. How Shannon is going to be in the next few years, she lost her daddy... I can't even start to imagine.

Please keep Shannon, her family, and ever her dad in your prayers for awhile. They are going to need to feel that support that only God can give them as they face this very long road that is ahead of them still.


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