Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me, Monday!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

My boss is not out of town this week... so of course I'm not just sitting here, taking my time on what work I have to do. Nope, not me, I'm always on top of doing my work, getting it down right away of course!!

I did not answer the phone at work wrong, on more then on occasion. Then having to tell the person calling sorry and telling them the right name of the company I work for. Nope, I'm good at answering phones and do not let things I'm listening to interfere with what I'm saying! That would be silly!!

I did not watch/listen to Lost when he was not here. NO WAY because then I wouldn't be doing my work... that I'm NOT taking my time doing!

I did not mess up someones check this past week only putting a small amount of hours instead of a big amount of hours. Nope, I'm good at double checking everything, a million times and CATCHING what is wrong!!

While attempting to eat dinner Monday night, I didn't try to cut my food while the plate was on the edge of the table. Therefore, I did not manage to spill every bit of my dinner on the floor (including salad dressing)!! Nope, not me... I know better then to set things on the edge of the table.

Of course after not cleaning up the mess, not making a new plate, and sitting down to not eat it... I did not manage to miss my mouth every time I took a bite, not spilling dinner number two on the ground. I didn't just stop and forget about dinner!!

I did not find out that Jess has been sick for over a week and had to cancel on me for the night.

I was not upset to learn that I wasn't going to get to see the kids this week.

It for sure didn't break my heart, I don't look forward to my time with them what so ever!

I was not happy to learn that they might call me last this week to make up that time, nope.. I'm not happy at all!!

I did not get up first thing to make throw a roast into the crock pot for dinner. Nope, I'm not a planner at all. I hate to plan things out like that, so I would not do something, anything like that!!

The roast that I didn't cook wasn't amazing! I couldn't smell it outside the door before even going into the house! I didn't feel sorry for the dog and cat who had to be home alllll day long and not smell it while it was cooking.

Friday was not the craziest day ever at work... the Sheriff's department did not come by looking for one of the guys that works for us! Nope, no one ever gets in trouble around these parts... not one bit!

The bosses and I didn't have to set it up so the Sheriff could find the guy he was looking for. I didn't have one part of this so it didn't scare me half to death knowing crazy things were going to go down! I was not relieved that when the Sheriff showed up, the guy was taken and that was all. Nope, not around my work... everything is always CALM!!!

I did not get to see WICKED with my friend Louise this past weekend... nope, not me. I'm not into going to the theater! It was not amazing, the singing did not have me in awe the whole entire time!

We did not dress up what so ever. We might have not been the nicest dressed people at the show. I definitely don't understand how people wear jeans to the theater!!

We did not decide that to sit out traffic we would go down to the river to have some drinks... we did not stay until close. We did not get hit on by 21 year old Army boys!! It was not a lot of fun and I did not laugh one bit. I do not think it's fun to have drinks with my friend and have a great night out!

What a week I didn't have... I'm not glad to move on to another one. I'm not ready to go home to Kansas next month and I'm for sure not ready for some time away from Texas... even it's just a fast weekend get away to Kansas.

I didn't order my tickets today (finally) for said trip to Kansas... it's so not official that I will be there!!

I think that's all I DIDN'T do this past week. I hope you have a great Monday!!


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  1. I was super stoked to see your itinerary!! We just got home a little while ago, I didn't even see if you tried to call me. We'll talk later this week.