Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a week...

This has been one crazy week for sure and I'm ready to get it over and done with before anything else can happen!

On Sunday I came home to a very sick dogie (I will spare you the details), thinking the bad part was over I walked him and we went to bed. Well, I was wrong! At about 4:30 Monday morning I woke up to my dog getting sick all over again. I'm thinking he did it before I woke up also, but this lasted until about 7 am. After a call * around 5:30 * to the ER Vet and being told I could come in and how much it was (they told me it was my choice) I called my Vet, left a message and just kept an eye on Bailey. Well, he finally stopped being sick but I'm pretty sure he didn't sleep (by this point he was in his kennel... that is a lot easier to clean then my apartment floor) and I can tell you I didn't sleep anymore either. Well, the vet called me and I took him as soon as they opened, dropped him off, and went to work. I got a call at about 9 am telling me the only thing they could find wrong with him was that there was a high amount of bacteria that is only found when dogs are stressed out!!! I was very happy to hear that he was alright but so very mad that my dog was SO flippin' sick because he is stressed!!! Who knows what is stressing him out but I am very happy that is the only thing that is wrong with him and it can be fixed by some pills, special food for a few days, and some love from me!!

So... after a fun filled Sunday night, everything was back to normal Monday night and I was able to get a great nights sleep. On Tuesdays I watch my friends Jess and Scott's two kids, Ella and Owen. This really is the highlight of my week... I have been with Ella since she was a tiny baby and I was so lucky to meet Owen the day he was born! I love these kids more then anything and we have been though everything together (I'm pretty sure they are preparing me to be a mom one day), but anyway... I go over on Tuesday and we have a great night, Owen went to bed a little early and that gave Ella and I some time to read book with just the two of us. After I put her to bed, I was cleaning up and decided that I didn't want the ceiling fan on but I still wanted the light. Well, when I was pulling the string to turn the fan off, it put pressure on the glass dome over the light, pulled it off and sent it flying downward. Me, trying to get out of the way but save it at the same time, tried to grab it, missed, hit my little finger. After that is hit a chair, smashed on the floor and some how managed to slice my big toe!! My finger started swelling, hurting and stinging right away, my toe hurt and I didn't know it was bleeding until I looked down.... so,I fist cleaned my toe then proceeded to clean up the millions and millions pieces of glass all over their floor. Remember - I had just put Ella to bed and Owen had been in bed for awhile so they were not around to see or get hurt, but I'm 100% sure that in the 2 seconds this happened Ella heard a very nice choice of words! Anyway, the next day my finger is swollen and black/blue (my friend Louise told me it looked like I had taken some string and cut off circulation to my finger) so after many people yelling at me to go and have it x-rayed I went in after work to have it looked at. After being asked many time "how did you stick your finger in a fan" (I'm not 2... I do know better and did not do that)? I had it x-rayed and found out that I did not break it but seriously bruised it up and it needs some major time to heal (the doc told me if he would have guessed before he had seen the x-rays he would have bet good money that it was broken just by looking at it). He ended up giving me some awesome pain killers, a splint, and some crazy bright yellow tape (I get to wear that for at least 5 days and up to a week depending on how it's doing) and instructions to let it rest. I then went to dinner and had some beers that made it feel better right away ;).

I wish you could see how bad it really is... I took this this morning, almost 48 hours after it happened!
*Please ignore the MOD paper I used... this was right before my con call today*

The yellow tape is killing me, I know people want to know what happened! :)

So... that was my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday today is Thursday and I'm thinking after the week I've had so far things should be back on the rise, if it's not I'm really worried to know what might happen next! I hope you enjoyed my great week so far and I will see you back tomorrow for Fingerprint Fridays!!



  1. But you didn't have some beers with your pain killers, right???
    That's funny, when the doctor said it's severely bruised didn't you kind of want to say, "really, who much did I have to pay you for that?"
    Hope your Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are safe!!

  2. HA... no beer with the pain killers. The best part is I can take one every 6 hours but no driving for at least 8 after you take it? Figure that one out?! I think I'm sticking to right before bed and tylonal during the day, much safer that way!