Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wish List Wednesday!

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This week I'm going to wish for some things that I couldn't buy even if I had all the money in the world, it's just things I wish would happen to make everyone (or at least a lot of people ) happier these days!

RAIN!!! - I know a lot of you have gotten more rain this year then you could ever wish for but here in Texas it's needed, big time! We haven't had a good rain shower in longer then I can remember. And we need more then one, we need about a week's worth of rain right now! Cross your fingers God will bring the rain!!

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That the SA Zoo would let Lucky the Elephant go and live in a Elephant Sanctuary. This is a very close issue at hand, I love elephants... they are just amazing creatures. While I think Zoo's are a great thing and they provide education to children (and Adults) who would never, ever get to see some of these animals in person I've come to realize that Zoo's are not equipped to handle most of the animals that they have in captivity. - I will blog about this tomorrow if you're more interested come back and see what I have to say (this is not to stir up bad feeling or try to get you on "my side" but I didn't realize this until it was pointed out to me... I just want to show you the "other side"

Peace! There are so many bad things going on our World right now and some that are just waiting to be set in motion. I just wish that we could all come to understand each other, respect each other and, like the old saying goes, love one another... I know that's a lot to wish for BUT I can have hope

I know that is just 3 things I wish for this week but to me those are 3 HUGE things that I wish would happen! Have a happy Wednesday and see you back tomorrow and Friday!!


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