Thursday, June 18, 2009

I ♥ Etsy...

So, I follow a lot of Blogs, some you can see that I follow and some I bookmark so I don't look like some crazy person following all these people blogs! On Mondays I do "Not Me! Mondays" from MckMamma's Blog, Fridays are "Fingerpring Fridays!" From PamperingBeki and as of yesterday I've started doing "Wish List Wednesdays" from The Foster Families Blog... So, after thinking for awhile and all the sad things that seem to be going on I want to pick one day a week... not a specific day, just once a week, where I put down something that I ♥. While these blogs that I read everyday help me see God, show me that the things I DON'T do can be funny, and I can wish for everything in the world I want to show the things that make me happy everyday (or when it comes to my mind and I realize I ♥ it). This week it's Etsy but next week who knows whats going to pop into my head (it could be ice cream or just a friend that wanted to say hi... I won't know until then I guess). So... onto my I ♥ post for the week...

I ♥ *Etsy*. Almost everything I find on the website I fall in love with, I will confess most of my shopping usually falls under "Baby Girl Clothing" or something to do with a small little girl that has my heart. For St. Patrick's Day I ordered her this shirt...

*The cute shirt was made from Potatopatch and she has soooo many more cute things posted now!*

Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen? I feel in love right away... Clare said it was cute also (the bad thing is I never get to see them in person, I always ask the maker to ship directly to Fiona so I don't have to pay for shipping twice. Also, I've gotten bad at mailing things these days... Don't ask about Easter, it's a sore subject for me these days) and from the pictures, she looked stinkin' cute! Thankfully the Kansas weather allowed her to wear a long sleeved shirt for part of the morning and she got to show it off! YAY!!

I also got her this cute thing...

*This tutu was made by Simplychicbebe and she also has some awesome thing posted now!*

I loved it also the moment I saw it, I didn't have to look any farther! The colors were awesome and it's so girlie! Again, Clare loved it and Fiona looked awesome in it (again from the pictures I saw). There was a reason why I ordered this, it's a sad one. A little girl named Cora Paige passed away and to keep her memory alive her Mom and Dad decided to build a playground at their Church in her name. They needed help raising money, they didn't even have to ask. Many follower's of their Blog were Etsy sellers (some where not and opened a shop just to help raise money for this play ground), everything you bought the money went right into Cora's playground fund... I wanted to donate money. So, when looking through things that were being sold for this playground, I found the tutu! So, Fiona got her first tutu, I was able to donate money in Cora's name, and her playground raised enough and beyond the funds needed!!

SO... today, instead of doing my work like I should, I was looking around on Etsy for things (a little girl named Fiona's birthday is coming up and what better to get her then personalized awesome gifts that are handmade) and found the cutest things ever!! I already ordered something (I had to email Clare for Fiona's size, as soon as I got that I pushed buy) but I'm not going to share today, I want it to be a sup rise for everyone! My problem is that I never want to tell Clare that I have something being shipped to Fiona (I always address it to Fiona, even though it's not a big deal now I want in the habit so when she gets older and is getting gifts it will be that much more fun due to it being send to HER) because I want her to be surprised BUT I can't help it and I always tell (like this post soooo told on me today) BUT I do manage to keep what I have bought a secret... all she know is something is on it's way! I love buying things for Fiona, if I can't be there to give her my love all the time the least I can do is send her love, in the form of presents (yep, I plan on single handily spoiling this child as much as I can from 600 miles away)!!

Anyway, this is the end of my I ♥ post for today! I hope you enjoyed it and see why I ♥ Etsy so much, it really is a great place!! Have a great Thursday!!


*In case you don't know... Etsy is an awesome website where people can open "stores" with things they have made and wish to sell to the public. They have everything and anything you could think of and soooo much to pick from once you figure out what you want. If you've never been there... GO and LOOK ASAP! It's a great place to buy presents for people at a great price, plus, it's hand made and I LOVE things that are hand made!!*

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